Review: Rhianna’s Super Bowl performance

This year, the Super Bowl half time show was sponsored by Apple Music and the featured performer was Rihanna. There was a lot of hype and excitement building up to her performance, as Rihanna has not put out new music or toured since 2016. Rihanna is a very loved performer and many people were excited at what she was going to bring to this historic event.

At the half time show, people certainly expect a spectacle, and while Rihanna delivered, her performance was also more low key than I was expecting. She opened the show on a suspended platform, which was really cool. She started off with some of her most iconic hits, including “Where Have You Been,” “Only Girl in the World,” and “We Found Love.” The energy was really high and all of the backup dancers were giving it everything.

She then segued through some more of her Billboard Number 1 hits and continued to make use of her floating platforms. Her choreography and energy were unmatched and it appeared that everyone was having a really good time at the show.

I thought that overall this was a really good Super Bowl half-time performance. I was a little surprised at the lack of costume changes and surprise guests, but Rihanna was always going to do her own thing and not go with what was typical. I loved her chill energy and I thought that everyone involved in the production did a really good job. If you missed her performance, I highly recommend catching it on YouTube!

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