Editorial: Solving the ‘bee bullies’ problem

Editor’s note: While the weather has changed and the bees have gone, we don’t need to forget about the problems bees can present at lunch in the spring.

Picture this: you have one free period a day used for one thing and one thing only, food. You have sixth period lunch and you’re hungry. But by the time you get to your table, something is wrong. You aren’t alone outside, your table has been overcome by bees. You no longer have the opportunity to feel safe outside, as you constantly have to avoid getting in the bees’ way. However, what about the bees, why shouldn’t they be prosecuted for ruining people’s lunches? In this article, I will be calling out these lunch bullies, and aiming to get this message to the school.

Why is this a problem?

The real question is, why isn’t this a problem? With having the AC pumping inside the schools, all people want to do is enjoy the sun while they still can. However, it is impossible to do this if you are constantly dodging mean bugs. People should be allowed to enjoy their free time. People can barely even throw away their trash, causing more people to leave cans and napkins out for the custodians to clean up.

How and why does this happen?

When it’s nice outside, people want to sit outside. When they sit outside, there are bees. When there are bees, people leave their trash. When people leave their trash out, more bees come. And so, the St. John’s community is stuck in an endless loop of bees. Often times during sixth period it is the worst. All of the periods before spill drinks and leave their food trash and the situation becomes even worse.

How do we fix this problem?

Many people have tried to fix this by leaving a sweet drink out for the bees to drink. As they say, “you catch more bees with honey than vinegar.” However, this fixes only a symptom of the problem. The truth is that, even when the weather gets cooler and less people sit outside, we need to focus on picking up after ourselves. It cannot be the job of the custodians alone to protect the community from these sorts of hazards. If we are upset about something, we must all fight together.

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