Get to know your Booster Club

What is the booster club? They are the student group yelling “CYO refs!” after a soft call in football, they are the ones “Rocking the Red” at a volleyball game, and the ones who explode in the stands after a tight victory. Ultimately, the booster club exists to ensure the connectivity between the players on the field or court and the spectators in the stands, offering the encouragement and excitement the athletes need to continue to grind.

When asked about their feelings toward the booster club, two members of the class of ‘27 said they had a lot of fun (at their first home football game as St. John’s students) because the booster club did a good job getting everyone excited. Chase Pankey’25 said that the booster club’s leaders have already done very well “getting to know everybody and getting them comfortable”. Senior Daisy Overmyer told of how the booster club is definitely “a staple” at every sporting event, and for her it is the best part of each game.

Head football coach and assistant athletic director Pat Ward’93 acknowledged that the booster club brings both athletes and students with a different passion together. As a St. John’s student during the end of the school’s all-boys era, he is glad about the diverse turnout at each game. He also believes that “the last couple years after Covid, the booster club has been great at all the sports events”.

The booster club continues their outreach as the fall sports: football, volleyball, field hockey, soccer, cross country, crew, girl’s tennis, and equestrian are underway. According to booster club leader Cinque Blount’24, the club will be bringing “the same love” to games in every sport, so get ready for a flash of scarlet and grey at a game nearest you. Go cadets!

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